Innova - Trusted Provider for Multi-Gas Detection Since 1978

LumaSense Technologies, Inc. officially celebrated its 10th anniversary in August, but its legacy in the gas sensing industry dates back to 1978 with the founding of INNOVA AirTech Instruments A/S, which LumaSense acquired in 2006. For more than 30 years, INNOVA has stood for uncompromising reliability in sensing and measurement of trace gases. INNOVA was established as a spin-off from Brüel & Kjaer located near Copenhagen, Denmark.

Our INNOVA product line includes portable analytical instruments and precision sensors for gas monitoring based on Photoacoustic Spectroscopy (PAS). PAS technology uses infrared light to “excite” the gases which generates an acoustic signal detected by highly sensitve microphones.

INNOVA’s PAS technology has evolved from the 1302 monitor to today’s 1412i, which features a smaller form and updated connectivity along with significant enhancements in software and multiplexer technology. INNOVA monitors can test for over 250 different gases and detect up to 5 gases simultaneously. 

INNOVA analyzers continue to be a favorite among R&D departments worldwide. Industrial hygiene, emissions monitoring, and HVAC are among the many industrial applications that use INNOVA gas analyzers.

We invite you to explore LumaSense's innovative INNOVA Photoacoustic gas analyzers.


Innova 1412i

INNOVA 1302 (Circa 1995)

INNOVA 1412i