MIKRON: An Infrared Pioneer Turned Leader in Thermal Imaging & Blackbodies

Mikron Infrared, founded in 1969, was first a pioneer in infrared pyrometers that later became the leader in thermal imaging and blackbody calibration solutions.

MC320Our thermal imaging cameras and systems accurately measure temperature and operate by using reliable infrared technology. These high-tech instruments can precisely determine the object temperature and the temperature distribution even on small and fast moving objects.

In addition, our unique selection of very precise calibration sources follow national standards. These blackbody calibration sources are superior because of the emissivity values, homogeneous emission areas, and a wide range of different sized apertures to adapt to the desired target area. 

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Thermal Imaging Cameras Brochure
Learn more about MIKRON thermal imaging cameras and systems.

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Blackbody Calibration Sources Brochure
Learn more about calibration equipment for pyrometers, thermal imaging cameras, and other systems.

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